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I try to breed a medium to large sized (average 30-32", 130-150 lbs. males, 28-29", 95-110 lbs. females) Anatolian Shepherd with a deep chest, strong bone, good tuck, broad head, that is well-muscled and agile, a powerful mover, and possessed of a versatile temperament. My goal is a sturdy, well-rounded dog that can be taken out of a pasture or home, be shown in breed or obedience, and then go back with stock or family.
I use my dogs as both working flock guardians with sheep and poultry, and as personal companions. I like an intelligent, bold, independent dog, who will cooperate with me in obedience training as a partner, be a credit to the breed’s stock guardian heritage, and be a discriminating guardian. My dogs have also earned titles as companion dogs and breed champions, certificates from the American Temperament Test Society, and the Canine Good Citizen program, and have participated in carting and tracking. Stud service is available to approved bitches, and litters are available occasionally, from O.F.A. certified dogs (hips, elbows, & thyroid).

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